A business portfolio is a collection of businesses and products that a company owns or operates. It represents the company's overall strategy and the range of products and services that it offers to its customers.

A business portfolio can be divided into several categories, including:

1. Core Products or Services: These are the products or services that form the foundation of the company's business. They are typically the most profitable and generate the most revenue.

2. Growth Products or Services: These are new products or services that the company is developing or introducing to the market. They have the potential to generate significant revenue and profits in the future.

3. Cash Cow Products or Services: These are mature products or services that generate a significant amount of revenue and profits for the company. They require minimal investment and have a stable customer base.

4. Problem Child Products or Services: These are products or services that are not yet profitable or have not gained traction in the market. They require significant investment to develop and market.

A company's business portfolio can change over time as it introduces new products or services, divests from unprofitable businesses, or acquires new businesses. An effective business portfolio strategy involves balancing the company's investment in core products with investments in growth products, while managing cash cow products and problem child products to maximize profitability and growth potential.


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